Special features of the school

Bilingual & international

The bilingual and bicultural environment is diversely present in a pupils’ day at school. What better method would teach a natural and open-minded attitude towards other cultures?

The pupils receive strong functional language skills in both own mother tongue and foreign language. Multicultural diversity has been familiar to us at our school for a long time and the teachers bring international aspects to study programs in many ways. These range from short functional moments to camp schools, study trips and common projects with international schools.

Advantages of a small school

There is only one class for each grade in the School of Eastern Finland and in total, a couple of hundred pupils in one school unit. When the group sizes are small, the learning is individual and the pupils’ different talent and skills will show. In a school where everybody knows everybody, it is safe to study and grow into bold, creative and self-imposed young people. We appreciate social skills and care for each other.

Entrepreneurship as an attitude

Besides the fact that the school produces knowledge and skills, it also feeds attitude. The aim of the School of Eastern Finland is to inflame pupils’ joy for learning and entrepreneurial attitude in a positive way. This attitude and joy will carry the pupils to further studies and working life and pave the way for their future direction, whether it be in Finland or abroad. Inspiring teaching and different teaching methods related to internal and external entrepreneurship are present from basic school to upper secondary level.