Upper secondary school

Russian language, culture and entrepreneurship

The students participate in the matriculation exam in the upper secondary school of the School of Eastern Finland. The special task of our upper secondary school is to give a student good skills in Russian language and Russian culture. The upper secondary school complies with the Finnish national core curriculum, but a student has a possibility to carry out less compulsory courses, if the emphasis is on the Russian language, Russian culture and entrepreneurship studies. In the upper secondary school of the School of Eastern Finland, students study the advanced syllabus of Russian and English languages. The student can also choose a foreign language of basic syllabus.

Study periods in abroad

In the study program there are study periods that take place in abroad. In the variety of courses there are our own international courses and courses related to Russia which we carry out with local universities and companies. At the same time a student gains useful contacts for training periods and summer job possibilities.