Working in the School of Eastern Finland

Enthusiasm starts from the personnel!

Competent and enthusiastic personnel guarantees the quality of teaching and learning. The special features of the School of Eastern Finland Russian language and entrepreneurship studies, give space to teachers’ creativity and specialist skills and knowledge.

Working in the School of Eastern Finland requires a teacher to be flexibile and have the ability to adapt to changing situations. At the same time the work is rewarding, motivating and it is always very pleasant for us to work together. In small school communities everyone knows each other and we have a strong international, open-minded atmosphere that supports the joy of learning.

Russian language skills are very useful at work, but they are not required from own personnel. The teacher has of course, a possibility to use the language skills at work.

Are you interested in working in the School of Eastern Finland? If so, please contact us.

Teacher training

Trainee teachers are welcome to the School of Eastern Finland. If you would like to carry out your training at our school, please contact the principal in order to find a Supervisor.