The Finnish-Russian School of Eastern Finland

- was established in 1997;
- works in three sites: Imatra, Joensuu, Lappeenranta;
- offers in every site:

  • pre-school education
  • morning and afternoon activities for pre-school and school children
  • basic education (a joint comprehensive school with grades 1-9)
  • upper secondary school education

Both Finnish- and Russian-speaking teachers and teaching assistants work at our school. Teaching is mainly in Finnish, certain parts of the curriculum are taught in Russian. One fifth of our students continue their studies of Russian as a mother tongue with a native teacher. An integral part of our curriculum is to offer our pupils and students opportunities to acquire communicative competence in a foreign language and an ability to behave appropriately in a foreign culture. The school has several cooperation projects with schools in Russia. Study trips, exchange programs and cultural events have been very popular among our students.

Language program

Our school is a private language school supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture. Even though the emphasis is on the Russian language, our students can have a broad language program:
- Finnish and/or Russian as a mother tongue
- English as the first foreign language
- Russian or Finnish as the second foreign language
- Swedish as an optional subject from grade 7
- German, French, Italian or Spanish as optional subjects.

The Upper Secondary School

The education at the upper secondary school is based on contact lessons and distance education. Varied and independent learning methods help our students to get used to various and more independent ways of learning and self-assessment, which will be an important skill in their further studies and working life.


Leading principal:
Katri Anttila, Lappeenranta +358 40 594 5336

On-site principals:
Tatiana Panschin, Imatra +358 40 756 2058
Mari Kilpeläinen, Joensuu +358 40 564 0919
Jani Naskali, Lappeenranta +358 40 759 2753