How to apply

Applying to the School of Eastern Finland

Any pupil who wishes to study in a bilingual environment is welcome to apply to the School of Eastern Finland. The school journey starts from preschool and the goal being that a pupil can study in the same school community, all the way to the end of the basic school and upper secondary school. It is also possible to start the school on other grades than preschool or 1st class.

Applying to the preschool

Please complete the form and return it to your nearest unit of the School of Eastern Finland. We take in a maximum of 20 pupils in the preschool group in every town. During selection, we take into account the assessment of the specialists of the early childhood education and preschool teachers of the School of Eastern Finland. This is in order for us to determine the suitability of the preschool pupils. In an equal situation, the priority is the children whose siblings already study at the School of Eastern Finland.

Application period ends on 31st of January, 2020.

Applying to the basic school to grades 1 to 9

Please complete the form to apply to the 1st grade and return it to your nearest unit of the School of Eastern Finland. The applicants are invited to attend an interview where linguistic and other skills requrired for our school are being evaluated. After the application period has ended, you can enquire about any vacant places from the school Principal.

Pupils to the grades 2 to 9 are accepted if there are vacant places in the class and the applicant has the necessary knowledge and skills in Russian language and other subjects of the grade in question.

Application periods ends on 31st of January, 2020.
In Joensuu the application period to first grade ended on 17th of November, 2019.

Applying to the upper secondary school

The applications are filled in the joint application system. Application forms and additional information:
The School of Eastern Finland is a private school that is sustained by the foundation founded by the towns Imatra, Joensuu and Lappeenranta.

The school operates in three towns in Finland. Their locations are Imatra, Joensuu and Lappeenranta. You can find the contact details on this page.

If you have any questions relating to the school, please do not hesitate to contact us!