Studying in School of Eastern Finland

The Finnish-Russian School of Eastern Finland is a school that emphasises Russian language and culture and entrepreneurship education. The school organises pre-primary education, basic education and upper secondary education.

Pre-primary education

Pre-primary education of the School of Eastern Finland, gives the necessary skills to study on 1st grade of Finnish comprehensive school. A child becomes acquainted with Finnish and Russian languages and cultures in an inspiring way for a child through activity and play. When language studies start early, it is likely they develop strong language skills and improve the all-round thinking of a child.

Basic education grades 1-9

The basic education of the School of Eastern Finland complies with the Finnish national core curriculum, but languages are being taught more. Russian language is taught on two levels, one as a mother tongue and the other as a foreign language – in an authentic bilingual learning environment. Especially, the Russian vocabulary becomes strong as part of the subject contents are being taught in Russian. The teaching language of the school is, however, Finnish.

Upper secondary school

The special task of the upper secondary school of Eastern Finland is to give a student good skills in Russian language and Russian culture. A student has a possibility to carry out less national compulsory courses, if the emphasis is on the Russian language, Russian culture and entrepreneurship studies. The students take the Finnish matriculation examination in the upper secondary school of the School of Eastern Finland.